About Zippity Pay

Michael Dennis developed the Zippity Pay system due to the need in the market for a specialised service enabling businesses to process credit card payments without requiring costly infastructure. Initially, the platform was developed to process credit card transactions in the Tourism sector and has now expanded to cover all New Zealand
based businesses.

Michael Dennis believes providing a service for businesses who need flexibility for credit card payments enables them to manage their cash flow better and reduces issues around handling cash. One example of why businesses should accept credit cards relates to a contractor who was looking to buy wood at just under $12k for a house build. As the buyer did not have an account, he offered a credit card for payment. The seller didn't provide this as a payment option, so the buyer had to offload his vehicle and go elsewhere. While the sale value may have been a small change, the actual value of the sale was five times the value ($60k) as there were requirements for another four house lots of the same type of wood


Would you turn down revenue just because you didn't have the ability to accept credit cards?

If so, it might be time to reconsider providing your customers the flexibility to pay by credit card (if you don't have this facility).

And if you are being charged expensive merchant fees for Card Not Present transactions, then perhaps we can help you out.


 Zippity Pay Client Testimonials

"It is now two years completed working together. I have no words to appreciate working with Zippity Pay. It's been the best processor company, and you Michael have been awesome all this time"

- J, Auckland


"I just wanna say thank you for such an easy system to charge my guests. I have enough to deal with already. I just love it. Thanks!"

- Angie, Nelson


"It’s brilliant, easy to use. Just what we need for our business."

- Julie, Fairlie


"Just tried doing a manual payment and sending an invoice... worked great - and exactly what we were after!

Thanks heaps for this - it is a brilliant service you offer. Also your customer service is fantastic - very timely and professional. As a small business owner we generally need very quick turnaround times.

I initially tried to get this set up with a bank - but by the time they even got back to me, you had got me set up and running.  Even more impressive is the fact you could do this while I am travelling through Europe.

I wish you all the best.  Will gladly recommend your service."

- Tim, Auckland

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