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Zippity Pay makes it easy to offer credit card payment for small to medium size businesses without the hassles.


An easy to use online credit card payment solution for businesses looking to reduce their card processing costs. 

Using Paymarks proven back end systems, Zippity Pay provides a secure and easy to use payment service. For businesses, the challenge is to make it easy for customers to pay for goods or services that you provide. One tool is to provide a merchant facility that enables your customer to pay by credit card. This improves your cashflow by allowing your customers to pay their bills quickly. It is a win-win solution for everybody. The setup process is relatively straight forward. We will establish a merchant account via the BNZ and you can be processing card transactions online once all the checks are completed.










Experience the Difference - Case Studies


A Christchurch based accounting business is thriving and part of this success is using Zippity Pay to process credit card online.The company strives for business improvement, yet when they started, they had an issue around taking credit cards.The Managing Partner says “We were just starting out and our customers wanted to pay us with their credit cards. At the time, we didn't want to go down the hardware path so looked for an online solution. There were a few providers, but we selected Zippity Pay. They were small enough to care and provide personalised service which resonated with our core values”It has helped us immensely. As we are able to process credit cards online over the secure service, we immediately solved the problem with clients wanting to pay by credit card. Not only did we solve this, but it gave us another tool in our 'cabinet' to make it easy for customer to pay. Some prefer internet banking, other prefer cheque, (though becoming much less frequent) and others prefer credit card. We feel that if a customer wants to pay us, we should make it easy for them – I mean, why turn down cashflow just because you don't accept credit cards? From an accounting perspective, its a no brainer – make it easy for your customers to pay and you smooth your cashflows.Also, Zippity have introduced a new service for Automatic Payments on credit cards. For some of our clients, an annual one off invoice for accounts preparation can be a shock so we were looking at ways to turn this around. Zippity had a solution that allowed us to set up a flexible AP that deducted regular amounts from a credit card without incurring some prohibitive costs. It also gave us the flexibility to adjust the frequency and value which means that our customers can make small monthly payments towards their accounting services fee and any final invoice created is relatively palatable. From a business perspective, it also smooth’s our cash flow with regular and budgeted payments hitting our account. As a business owner, I love it.I also like the fact that if there's an issue, I don't need to call an offshore call centre. Michael and his team at Zippity Pay are very good and there's a feeling that they actually care around my business – which makes it easier to work with them.The overall benefit for our company is that it makes it easy for me to build my business. All our accounts are created online and sent electronically – with Zippity, it's a doddle to take credit cards and has modernised the business –thoroughly recommend it.‚Äč

Burkes Pass Motel

Solutions for Card ProcessingHelping the hospitality industryBurkes Pass Motels Accommodation and Gallery, is an older style, rural, retro boutique motel halfway between the townships of Fairlie and Lake Tekapo. It is the gateway to the Mackenzie Country, centrally located for day trips to Mt Cook and beyond. The township is named after Michael John Burke, a graduate of Dublin University, who discovered the passageway which leads up into the Mackenzie Country in 1855. This was an alternative route to the Mackenzie Pass, which the notorious alleged sheep stealer, James Mckenzie, had used to take his sheep into the Otago goldfields.There are just 18 permanent residents in Burkes Pass Village, along with several holiday homes. While some may consider no cell phone coverage a benefit here, the remoteness does cause other problems – there are no supermarkets or restaurants, nor banks, but the evening starry skies and majestic mountains more than make up for the lack of retail outlets.Julie Greig, who owns and manages the business with her husband Jan Zyzalo, was unable to accept and process 'card not present' pre-paid bookings. Julie states, “When we began the business, we were using our EFTPOS terminal, but it was really difficult as back then, we could only collect payment when customers arrived. We had to 'wise up' to the fact that we needed to take payments in advance to safeguard our revenue in the event of a no-show or cancellation.So we looked for a solution and after considerable research, settled upon Zippity Pay. Zippity Pay offered an easy to use online credit card processing system that provides a number of features that work very well for us. Our target motel customers, directed to us from a third party booking website, pay in advance. With 65% of our motel business being processed via Zippity Pay's online portal, we needed a secure, reliable and robust system which Zippity Pay has delivered. As well as using Zippity Pay for our motels, we also use it for my art business. While I have paintings and prints exhibited in our gallery in Burkes Pass, I also have many online customers from New Zealand and overseas. Zippity Pay has made it easy for us to process these online bookings and art sales. If we were unable to accept 'credit card not present', our businesses would suffer. We like the ease of use and the email confirmation from each transaction. It makes it easy to track bookings and provide clear visibility to the customer around their bookings. If a refund needs to be made, there is usually a small cancellation fee which we make clear when they book with us, all the transaction references are there – it's easy to track”.Zippity Pay is vital to both our businesses. We have already recommended Zippity Pay to a number of other people running accommodation and art galleries. It's been brilliant – we highly recommend it.

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